Having seen mass consumption at festivals and working directly with food, we know the impact food and waste has on a mass scale and so we think about sustainability across our operation. From using as much locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, to being plastic free wherever we can, making sure things are recycled and avoiding food waste are key pillars to our business.

green pledges.

We use the following principles to keep us in line in balancing delivering great quality food and drink whilst reducing harm to the planet.


Use as much local and seasonal produce to reduce food miles as well as better quality ingredients


Minimise food waste by smarter shopping and creative cooking, as well as offering take away food for crew at end of day.


High quality meat might mean less quantity but big on flavour. This will help us keep the costs low for you and for us but not compromise on overall goodness


Implementing one veggie/vegan day a week in the menu to reduce meat consumption but also introduce new flavours and ingredients to customers!


Use compostable packaging, reduce plastic produce wherever possible and recycle.


Minimise our carbon footprint by using our electric car to whip around town getting our stock and supplies!


Often when people talk about sustainability, they tend to focus on the environmental. But true sustainability has 3 pillars: economic, environmental, and social. These three pillars are informally referred to as people, planet, and profits. So good business, needs to involve good people as well. We may not be the cheapest in the game, but we care about sustainability its whole meaning. That’s our promise to you. So from sourcing, to staffing, we want to have happy staff and happy customers, work with companies that care about the planet and that are kind. 


We are a LGBTQ+ business with multicultural staff and have a strict zero-tolerance policy against harassment, bullying and discrimination and choose to work with companies with the same ethics.